Commercial property for sale in Victoria Park, Perth WA listed by Ross Scarfone, Perth’s commercial and real estate experts.

Where to Find Commercial Properties for Sale

When buying a commercial property, it is crucial to ensure that you have access to a strong portfolio of properties from which you can accurately compare the benefits of each investment. An extensive set of options will help you purchase the commercial property that works best for you, with the strongest return, but when front-page commercial real estate listings aren’t enough, where do you find commercial properties for sale?

The guide below offers a list of potential options available to you for finding commercial properties for sale so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to buying your property.

Commercial Real Estate Listing Platforms

New buyers of commercial real estate will often start their journey by exploring their options on an, often nationally or locally based, commercial real estate listing website. These websites provide a quick visual overview of commercial real estate listings across hundreds of results.

You can then refine your search through the type of property such as retail, industrial, medical and development sites, or its specific features such as car spaces, energy rating, land area, or keywords.

Online listing platforms can be an extremely effective tool for narrowing down commercial real estate listings from a wide-cast net, but they shouldn’t be solely relied on for a few reasons:

  1. They favour sponsored listings. When using a real estate listing website, you will often be shown sponsored listings first, which can influence your decision away from a more well-suited property further down the page.
  2. Limited information. Listings on real estate websites can suffer from critical missing information that would otherwise be available through a commercial property agent.
  3. Listing inaccuracies. Online listing platforms aim to make it as easy as possible for agents to list their properties and while this helps create a strong portfolio of properties to choose from, it also makes it easier for inaccurate and fraudulent listings to appear.

Real estate listing platforms provide an important first step for many buyers, but when searching for commercial properties for sale, it is best to explore other avenues to expand your available options.

Commercial Real Estate Experts

Working with a commercial real estate expert such as a commercial real estate agent or broker, can greatly alleviate the stress of finding a commercial investment property. By leveraging industry connections and employing industry knowledge, real estate agents and brokers can help you consider a commercial property you may have otherwise missed on a commercial listing website.

Working with a commercial real estate agent

Working directly with a real estate agent in the commercial & industrial sectors holds significant advantages in not only matching you with a property but in helping you find commercial properties for sale which you may have not found otherwise. By working with a commercial real estate agent, you stand to benefit from:

Commercial property for sale in Willetton, Perth WA listed by Ross Scarfone, Perth’s commercial and real estate experts.

Working with a commercial property broker

A broker can help assist you in selecting the ideal property and, similar to real estate agents, holds important industry expertise that will help you build your list of commercial real estate listings to consider. Aside from assisting you in finding commercial properties for sale, commercial real estate brokers can also help:

Commercial Property Auctions

Property auctions offer unique opportunities for finding commercial properties for sale which you could miss if you’re exclusively looking at online listings. However, navigating the world of property auctions comes with its own complexities. Some auctions are easy to find and may even be included in or advertised on an online listing platform but other forms such as portfolio or foreclosure auctions may require more “in-the-know” knowledge.

In this instance, you may want to keep an eye out for auctions by searching the news, speaking with an industry professional or staying up to date with real estate businesses that routinely host portfolio or commercial auctions in your area.

Commercial property for sale in Burswood, Perth WA listed by Ross Scarfone, Perth’s commercial and industrial real estate experts.

Networking and Word-Of-Mouth

Some of the best opportunities on the market may not openly hit the market at all. Utilising professional and industry networks with word-of-mouth is a crucial step when considering where to find commercial properties for sale.

If you don’t have your own personal networks to lean on, this doesn’t mean these options are closed to you. Real estate agents operating within the local commercial property market are often highly connected to a diverse range of different key stakeholders including property owners, developers, lenders, contractors and community leaders. By working with industry experts, you can take advantage of their extensive range of networks to explore your commercial real estate opportunities further and put yourself ahead of other investors who may not have access to insider information.

Need Help Finding Commercial Properties for Sale?

We’ve been connecting commercial real estate opportunities with local business owners and investors since 1989. Operating in the south-eastern corridor of Perth, we’ve been studying the local property market for over 30 years, developing a wide network of industry connections, local and real estate knowledge, and connecting buyers with commercial properties for sale that suit their requirements and long-term goals.

If you would like guidance or expert advice on your options for commercial property purchases in Perth’s southeast get in touch with our team.

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